Bioexcel Taco Cart – Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Grill 32″ or 37″ with Outdoor Gas Stove Burner Price: £249.90£389.99 (as of 03/11/2019 14:49 PST- Details)

Have the quality and taste of a homemade meal anytime with Bioexcel Taco Grill Cart, no matter where you go. This 90,000 BTU propane burner is portable, making dual gas burners perfect for camping, outdoor party and comes with a 32″ Stainless Steel Flat Griddle.
Taco grilling burner has 28″ Height, 31″ Length & 16″ width and uses the same technology as any modern gas burner. Double burner camping stove heats up food quickly and evenly without any hot or cold spots.
Unlike some gas propane stove, all types of cookware work with this gas burner. It features temperature regulating knobs to ensure even heat distribution every time.

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